The circus came to town and then the flames came and swept through the tent changing many lives that day – July 6, 1944. If you know anyone who has a story to tell or a memory, no matter how faint, I would love to gather these stories to place in a small book. I plan to give a copy to the Connecticut State Historical Society and to the Connecticut State Library. This may be the last time that those who were there can tell their story.  I am willing to collaborate with any organized group  in fund raising for a good cause as well.


Please tell me your story. I want to hear it. I will be happy to come and speak with you in your home or to speak to your group about the fire and my book-to-be.  A link on this site  will bring you to my you-tube reading of my prize winning essay and a discussion with Zita Christian on the circus fire. You can send comments and questions to me via e-mail if you choose to hartfordcircusfire@gmail.com.  Or  you can contact me via mail delivery: Barbara H. Wallis, 1 Brush Pasture Lane, Unit 201,  Portland, Ct. 06480.


What are my credentials for writing this book? I worked as a reporter and features editor for a now defunct weekly newspaper (it crashed after I left, for the record, not before). 


A few years ago, I decided to write historical romantic suspense and started writing. I had no idea what I was doing and joined the Connecticut Authors & Publishers Association .  There was a personal essay contest and I decided to write a personal essay. Mine, “A Day at the Circus (Fire), won first place. 


And do not forget, I was there! I remember the circus fire, as if it were yesterday...